• Family Tailor Made
    Everybody has the print of a family, so does a chinaware. A piece of a chinaware is for a dinner, for a collection,
    as well as for a family's inheritance.Every piece of chinaware is unique.

    An exclusive family's emblem tells you a story of a family.

    Songfa family tailor made chinaware, for a family and of a family.

  • Business Tailor Made
    Chinese adore 'Courtesy calls for reciprocity '.
    Chinaware is called as national ritual vessel,
    it's a solemn gift.
    Tailor made patterns interpret your sincerity,
    suitable for different occasion.

    Songfa business tailor made chinaware,
    meticulous made with sincerity.

  • Wedding Tailor Made
    Catch one's heart, never be apart.
    It's an expectation, it's a promise.
    Wish love is chinaware alike,
    ignoring wind or rain,
    without fear of frost or snow.
    Everlasting, eternally renewed.

    Songfa wedding tailor made chinaware, witnesses  the eternal love.


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