• National Ritual Vessel
    Ding, ancient cooking vessel, which is regarded as the power and wealth and excellent identity.
    “Guozhiqi” series tableware is designed with bronze ware element, solemn and elegance, wealth and good luck, has superb ornamental and collecting value.
  • Huafengshengjing
    Inspiration from Temple of Heaven, combines the square and circle, which means sky and land. The whole set solemn style, the color is simple but steady. The booming peony is twined branches, exquisite flowers cover chic leaves. Peony is the wealthy flowers, symbolize thriving and prosperous.
  • Destiny Tableware
    Vintage blue pattern and elegent ivory color, 
    complement each other. 
    Golden and bronze color,illustrates everlasting glory. Exquisite overglaze color interprets modern luxury style, subtle craftsmanship derives from meticulous attention. Pass through thousands of years, Yuanlai is here, it's a destiny.
  • Senna River
    High-end bone ceramics penetrating the white light, fine reliefs reflect on the glaze surface, as the glistening light of Senna River waves. Shows the romance of Fashion Capital. Formalized vessel shape, exquisite hand feeling, elegant stripes, extremely exotic. Users are like walking along the Senna River, free and grace, combine Chinese and Western style, with anti slip function


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